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Almatine's Goodies is an initiative created by Dr.Tiffany Lane, a Social Worker with over ten years of experience in the child welfare field.  Dr. Lane conducted a study that explored the lived experiences of young adults who aged out of foster care and successfully transitioned to college. Her research and similar studies suggest that foster care alumni can be successful in college; however, they may need unique supports (emotional, social, academic, and financial) along the journey.


The vision of Almatines Goodies is to support foster care alumni's educational experiences across the US and bring awareness to the unique needs of foster care alumni who want to attend college. Almatine's Goodies' mission is to collaborate with social service agencies, colleges, and universities in the US to provide packages to former and current foster care persons enrolled in a post-secondary institution. 


Our care packages, also known as Alma's goodies boxes, are filled with essentials like school supplies, toiletries, snacks, and other materials to support academic success.  We provide Alma’s goodies boxes throughout the year to help make the college experience a little easier to navigate.   


The name Almatine's Goodies is inspired by Tiffany's late mother, Miss Almatine Salters-Coleman, also known as Alma.  She was a phenomenal woman who was always willing to help those in need.



Our "connectors" - Social service agencies and University officials should visit our "referral page" - "nomination page" to review the eligibility.

If the student meets the criteria, our connector(s) can submit a referral/nomination on behalf of the student (we prefer) or send the referral form link to the foster care alumni to complete.  

The referral form details the toiletries that Almatine's Goodies can provide.

A representative from Almatine's Goodies will contact the student via text, email, or phone call to confirm the goody bag/box referral and products. The student will be asked to verify their mailing address.

Almatine's Goodies will ship (US postal service) products from their address or another company such as Walmart or Amazon. Please note, the student will receive notice of what to expect.

Almatine's Goodies will include a note in the package that requests the scholar to send them a text when they receive their goodies.


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